Elżbieta Barbara Zybert


Jacek Wojciechowski
Threats to Libraries

Tomasz Makowski
The National Library of Poland During the Coronavirus Pandemic: A Brief History of The First Nine Months of the State of Emergency

Anna Wołodko
Academic Libraries in Unusual Situations

Bożena Jaskowska
Organizational Flexibility of Academic Libraries in a Vuca Reality
The Example of the Functioning of Libraries During the Covid-19 Epidemic

Anna Wałek
Polish Academic Libraries in the Face of the Covid-19 Pandemic :Crisis Management and Communication within the Organisation

Anna Grzecznowska
Initiatives of the Polish Librarians’ Association for Libraries and Readers in the First Phase of the Pandemic

Łukasz Wojciechowski
The Implementation of Online Training for Library

Employees as an Activity Increasing Competencies in the Promotion of Culture on the Internet

Jerzy Leszek Okuniewski
The Polish Book Market Considerations and Reflections


A Review of Domestic Publications (Barbara Koryś)

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