Elżbieta Barbara Zybert


Jadwiga Woźniak-Kasperek
Information Science Under the Conditions Created by the New Classification of Fields and Scientific Disciplines: Opening a Balance Sheet

Bożena Koredczuk
Book Studies Communication in Selected Communication Systems and Their Influence on the Location of the Discipline in the Current Obligatory Classification of Fields and Scientific Disciplines – an Outline of the Research Problem

Hanna Batorowska
The Information Science Context of Safety Culture

Katarzyna Žák-Caplot
An Unexplored Phenomenon on the Border of Two Worlds. An Introduction to the Issue of Museum Libraries in Poland

Robert Kotowski
The Role of the Museum Library

Elżbieta Barbara Zybert
The Role of Libraries, Archives and Museums (LAM) in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage: the Example of the Polish Catholic Centre in Martin Coronado in Argentina

Dorota Grabowska
International Guidelines on Youth Libraries and the Polish Reality


An Overview of Polish Literature in the Field of Information and Book Studies (Selection) (Barbara Koryś)

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